Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2017

First steps in 2017

January, the first week. I'm planning the year, all my events, meetings, workshops, congresses. I'm sending a lot of mails, to the JCI National President, to the responsible persons for sponsoring, TOYP, fit4jobs, events and to our General Secretary Hans Schubiger. A lot of work, but so diversified, that it is fun (more than I thought).

In the last weeks we had already some Skype calls with JCI people all over the world. The meetings were organised very well and it's so exciting, working on all these JCI topics!

JCI Switzerland has some new sponsors, the National Committee has to plan all the national events (together with the LOMs), arrange who is going to do what exactly and until when and who's going to witch events and meetings. I took the job of updating the national website and now I'm collecting new information and we're correcting and adding things on it.

And, I have a new personal website:

It's still my vision, that JCI becomes as known as Kiwanis, Rotary and the Lions Club. But for that we need marketing, we need people speaking about us. I'll give at least two lectures in Rotary Clubs this year and I hope that they will cooperate with us, sending us their 30-year-old-hi-professionals from their companies. I went for lunch yesterday with one of the national vice Gouverneurs of the Rotary Club Switzerland and we'll see what we can do together ...

I'm still waiting for a notice from the Kiwanis Club. They have no youth club (Lions have Leos and Rotary has Rotaract) and so they could be a really interesting partner for us.

And so the days pass by and I'm looking forward to the first meeting this year with the national committee in Schaffhausen, on Friday the 13th. If somebody wants to join: There is a party going on later that day, we'll surely be there! :-)

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